3 mar. 2015

Meet Universal Foldable Keyboard by Microsoft

It folds down the middle and uses Bluetooth.

For heavy-duty writing on the go, regular keyboards are too big, while touchscreen keyboards are too small. But Microsoft is betting that is new, foldable keyboard will be just right.

Microsoft unveiled the Universal Foldable Keyboard on Monday, a thin, lightweight keypad that folds down the middle. Unfold the keyboard and it automatically powers on and connects wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled phones or tablets. The battery lasts upwards of three months on a single charge, according to Microsoft.

This small keyboard was demonstrated on a Windows Phone device, designed to make it easier for you to get work done, regardless of what mobile device you are using. You can fold it up and put it away without taking much space.

The Universal Foldable Keyboard is the perfect travel companion, with its ultra-thin, lightweight, and compact design allowing you to easily take it wherever you go so you can get more done on your tablet or smartphone no matter where you are. You can pair it with virtually any device - an iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Windows tablets, and Windows Phone. You can even switch between devices with a single touch.

The keyboard will go on sale at the Microsoft Store and various retailers this July for $99.95.

Source: time.com