4 oct. 2014

Unbelievably realistic face is actually completely computer generated

The only thing that I think that doesn't look 'human' about Ed, this computer generated human head designed by Chris Jones using Lightwave, Sculptris and Krita, is his ears. Oh and how he doesn't have a body. But everything else is pretty perfect: the oil and bumps on his face, the wrinkles, I can even believe he has a soul behind those eyes.

When you see the video below, the up close shots of 'Ed' are a little too perfect but there are certain parts of the video when you can hardly tell he's a fake person.

People are always talking about when digitally created art will surpass the point of realism, well, today may actually be the day that it happens.

There have been countless CGI faces created from scans of real people's faces and others that were drawn by artists, but the most realistic ones still come from digital scans of real people with vast amounts of depth data and minute flaws. This virtual world of computer generated people has slowly but surely been moving towards a point where one cannot tell the difference between a computer generated image and one that is simply a photo or a video of a real person. One of the most recent attempts at hyper-realistic computer generated imagery was thanks to USC's ICT where they created a system that allows them to scan in a real person's face into a digital copy and with Activision’s (NASDAQ:ATVI) rendering techniques and Nvidia's (NASDAQ: NVDA) help they were able to render people’s faces digitally in real time.

Their project, called Digital Ira, scanned a real person's face and his movements into a digital representation of his face in order to show how photo realistic computer generated imagery has become and, for Nvidia, to show the computational power of Nvidia's GPUs as well as Activision's rendering techniques.

Source: sploid.gizmodo.com